Who are we?

It was pointed out to me that people reading this blog may like to know who ‘we’ are! A very reasonable request and I live to serve…

Ok, so there is me, I’m Kath and I am married to N. I teach philosophy and when I am not doing that I garden, knit and spend too much time on line!

Then there is N. He is married to me!  N is very protective about his runner beans. Over the years  we have all learnt not to interfere with the growing of beans! N  is also a plumber and so is responsible for our rain water butts:

The kids decorated the shed…

Then there is M and D. I have known them both now for 17 years though they have been friends for even longer. M is an HLTA and also the most wonderful respite carer for my 10 year old son who is autistic.  D is a carpenter and builds things for the plot, like our shed decking made from recycled pallets.


Then we have our newest ‘family’ members, J&J. Both of whom work for the railway and are clearly a little unhinged for wanting to throw their lot in with us!

Then there are the 9 children ranging from 18 to 6 years old, though the 18 year old does not do the allotment! Not all of them are mine I hasten to add, just four of them belong to me and N.

We run the allotment as a collective, everything is shared. If we need to buy something then the cost is divided 6 ways, as is the rent. When we harvest a crop people take according to their likes and needs. We don’t have any set rules, we have never had any need.  Just unwritten ones like be excellent to each other and don’t touch N’s beans ( he shares them out when they are done)!



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