Little by little

As I said in my first post, there is no getting around it, the allotment is in a mess and sometimes this does mean just getting on with the weeding…

I had the plot to myself tonight, M and D have only just both returned from adventures in sunnier climes, J&J were both busy with work and kids and N frankly just didn’t fancy it! So, just me it was but that was ok, I plugged the ipod in and, after checking no-one was in ear shot, sang and occasionally danced as I weeded.

First I cleared this raised bed:


It is very easy at times like this to become disheartened with it all and wonder if it will ever look like our neighbours’ beautiful plots. Trust me, we are surrounded by some really fantastic plots. I keep telling myself though that if we just keep at it, little by little, so that we don’t burn ourselves out that we can beat those weeds and maybe grow some veggies!

Then I cleared this bed:

So altogether tonight I managed this:Image

Which I guess isn’t too shoddy really!

To finish on a positive note the lavender and the hollyhock were covered in bees. I think there were both Buff-tailed and Red-tailed bees and it was lovely to see them working in the last of the evening sun.Image

This is actually a photo that my youngest took on Wednesday when I let him take control of the camera in an attempt to stem the cries of  ‘I’m bored!’


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