Rhubarb? We are doing it wrong!

There has been lots of activity at the plot since I last posted but it would appear that being busy at the allotment coupled with having the kids at home for the holidays ( and my eldest got her A level results on Thursday!) makes for general exhaustion, much flopping on the sofa but not an awful lot of blogging.
So what have we been up too? Well, there continues to be much, much weeding and as I type Dave and Neil are at the plot armed with a strimmer hopefully beating back the last of the jungle. I also can’t wait to get up to the plot tomorrow to see Manda’s and her daughter’s new raised bed project that they started this week.

I want to talk rhubarb though, rhubarb and not doing things by the book.

To begin, this was last year’s pumpkin patch:

2013-08-13 17.09.18

Manda had been to the garden centre to pick up a few bits and had bought a rhubarb crown for half price. So we decided to clear this patch and turn it into our new rhubarb bed. This also involved lifting our old rhubarb crown from its original position, dividing it and re-planting it.

2013-08-13 18.44.26-1

When I got home I thought I’d read up on growing rhubarb and, of course, according to my allotment book this is completely the wrong time of year to be lifting and dividing crowns!


So it remains to be seen how well these plants do but for now they look quite happy. I type with a degree of blind optimism…

2013-08-13 18.44.34

Wildlife wise we have seen loads and loads of lizards but they seem to be terribly camera shy and scarper before I am able to snap a picture. I clearly need to brush up on my sneaking up quietly technique!


3 thoughts on “Rhubarb? We are doing it wrong!

  1. Rhubarb is a tough cookie! It will be fine I’m sure! Plot is looking good! I like the shapes of your beds exciting! And lizards! Wow I’m very jel! In a nice way of course. The best we get in Bolton is the occasional hedgehog snuffling about!

    • It is looking a little sorry for itself at the moment but I am hoping it will bounce back! We are so lucky with our wildlife, there’s loads I want to blog about including the time I saw an adder!!

      • An adder! Amazing! I’m looking forward to your pictures and your blogs about these fab little creatures! Isn’t it great being outside and experiencing all of this wonder! I get excited by ladybirds and pink moths, so you can imagine adders and lizards, I’d be bouncing from my raised beds like a mad woman! X

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