Troublesome Wind

It has been another busy summer holiday week: three days in Yorkshire seeing family and old friends, another in Canterbury taking the teen daughter shopping ( ouch! ) and then yesterday we were kept inside because of the horrid rainy weather. So this morning Neil and I were just itching to get up to the allotment.

Within seconds of reaching the plot we realised that yesterday hadn’t just been rainy, there must have been a strong wind blowing at the plot too because a large stalk had been ripped from the hollyhock:


This was sad because the hollyhock was one of the few bright spots on the plot when the Great Weed Apocalypse of 2013 was raging. Neil had also lost a couple of his runner beans but not all so really it could have been worse but it did make me think again about how open we are to the elements on the plot.

Our plot is in an elevated position and despite having shrubby growth on two sides it remains quite open and exposed. This became sorely apparent last year when we were given a greenhouse.

‘Hurrah!’ we all thought and plans for tomatoes and cucumbers were hatched. All was going well, the greenhouse was collected, the base was constructed and the frame reassembled and then we tried to put the glass in…it just kept lifting and blowing out. It was awful.

Then we began to realise that no-one else on the whole allotment site has a greenhouse either and that maybe there was a reason for this! Sometimes it takes a little while for the penny to drop.

So, the frame has just sat there since last summer with none of us too sure what to do with it. That was until last month when Neil, using sheeting that we had been given, turned it into a poly-house:

And look, the remaining glass in the door had survived yesterday’s wind too! I am really looking forward to getting a proper crop of tomatoes from it next year.

Now, wildlife wise, I wasn’t really looking today but last Sunday I was at the allotment without the children and so was able to go looking for critters in peace and quiet. If you look, you will notice that there is a patch below the greenhouse that is still under plastic sheeting and when I lifted a section underneath there were three slow worms. I only managed to get a snap of two of them, one was just too quick, can you see them? Image


I rather suspect that if this blog continues though that I am going to have to brush up on my wildlife photography skills…


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