Welcome to the Bug House!

How would I describe the past week or so? Busy, busy, busy! So what have we been up to?
Dave has worked really hard strimming the rest of the weed jungle down. It is amazing how much better the plot looks and how much more positive we all feel just being able to see it! Dave also spent most of yesterday re-felting the shed roof before the autumn/winter rains start.

Thanks to Neil there is a goodly crop of runner beans, tomatoes (so long as Manda’s dog Pickle doesn’t eat any more of them!) and salad veg. Neil has also cleared a lot of the green waste created by all the strimming and weeding.

Manda and I have both been getting on with clearing beds but far, far more excitingly we have been creating a bug hotel. I saw one being built on TV and Manda had made one before at her old school so we decided that it would be a fantastic way of using up some of the many pallets we have kicking around on the plot.Image

Do you remember the slow worms that I found under that tarps (https://levellingtheplot.com/2013/08/25/troublesome-wind/) ? Well, on further investigation it became clear that it was actually a nest. Loathe to disturb them we decided to (carefully) build the bug hotel over the nest.

It really wasn’t hard to build at all! We simply stacked the pallets on top of each other and a few carefully placed nails to hold things together and ta da! A bug hotel;Image

The roof is an unfinished raised bed and we have started to fill the gaps with bits and pieces that we had lying around the plot. Another allotmenteer has suggested pine cones as a good stuffing material so we are going to collect some the next time we go on a dog walk. Does anyone else have any good suggestions/ideas?
The final touch was added yesterday:

Here’s hoping the local wildlife agrees with our five star rating!


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