Lazy Sunday Afternoon

So lazy in fact that I am posting this on a Monday morning!

I am only very new to this blogging lark and was worried that I didn’t have something specific to write about this weekend. But then we had such a lovely gentle afternoon at the plot yesterday and I realised that really it is these afternoons that capture the real spirit / nature of allotment gardening.

Neil mowed the grass and planted onions for next spring and Manda harvested raspberries ( fruit tarts have been promised!!) and weeded the pumpkin patch. Meanwhile I prepped one of the seed beds ready for an autumn sowing of my hardy annuals from (I am actually really excited about having  cut flower beds). There were moments of lovely companionable silence as everyone just got on with the job in hand but then there was also a good gossip over a cup of coffee and all of this was accomplished in some wonderful late summer sunshine.

So nothing earth shatteringly exciting or of any great import happened just three friends working hard on their plot. Bliss.

Ooops, I said three, should really have been four! This is Ruby, one of Manda’s dogs, she is a Sprollie and just adores the allotment. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is more exciting than barking at Neil when he isn’t throwing things for her to chase!


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