So, ahem, yes, it has been too long…

But let’s not dwell on how long it has been since I last posted and let’s just crack on!

It was such a beautiful Sunday and with no other commitments ( that isn’t in fact strictly true but digging was so much more fun than marking essays!) that I decided to head to the plot. Dave and Manda were there too but Neil stayed home because our own lawn needed some attention.

In fact Dave and Manda had been shopping and came armed with red onions and horse radish to plant. So while they cracked on with planting them I weeded the cut flower bed.


True to form we hadn’t worked out prior to buying the onions where they were going to go but this empty bed seemed to fit the bill so they have gone in there. The horse radish has gone in one of the bins that you can see on the right hand side of the picture.

And this constituted my afternoon’s work. Not earth shatteringly exciting but I am really looking forward to this bed being in full bloom. Weeding the bed underneath this one will probably be my next job.Image

Perhaps the most exciting news I have is that our rhubarb has survived. Do you remember this post?

After some very wobbly moments when it looked like we had definitely killed it our rhubarb has proven itself to be a pretty tough customer! Go rhubarb!!


Oh and we had our first wildlife sighting of the year; Manda was preparing the soil in what will be our winter veg bed and unearthed a tiny, tiny slow worm. Unfortunately I didn’t think to take a picture, I can only promise to try harder next time.


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