Who are we? Pt. 2

There has, over the years, been a degree of coming and going with who is part of our allotment community. We have always worked on the principle that it doesn’t matter how much or how little time you can give to the allotment because we alll lead such very busy lives. However, sometimes life just gets too busy for any allotmenteering and so it is that J&J are no longer helping us to dig and weed. This isn’t to say though that we will never see them at the plot but when we do it will be purely social rather than expecting them to wrestle with the bristly ox-tongue and nettles.
Just like the seasons this feels just like another part of the ebb and flow of our allotment (mis) adventures.



2 thoughts on “Who are we? Pt. 2

  1. understood … completely.
    It’s a nature thing, and it does us good to remember these things – just every now and then.
    here ends the sermon … enjoy the spring !

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