I am a lone blogger but the allotment is run as a collective.

We, there are 6 adults and many children, have had our allotment since late summer 2010. When we started it looked like this:Allotment 1

and underneath all that bristly ox-tongue the ground was full of rubbish. It has been a long slow process to get it cleared and there is still a patch that we haven’t fully dealt with three years later! What started out as a half-plot has grown to become a double plot of land. Since being here it it has been a long, slow learning curve from initial enthusiasm ( the taking on of the second plot was totally fueled by newbie get up and go)  to despair to, hopefully, a more seasoned position in between. Well, we try.

Our history of vegetable growing is littered with abject and dismal failures rather than roaring successes but yet none of us want to give up our plot, something keeps us going back. Maybe not as often as we should but still, we all love our piece of land and it is this that this blog is meant to share.


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