Sunflower Tales.

Did you miss us? I’ve missed being here and so with no further ado let’s get on with the blogging…

We are having a sunflower growing competition! A couple of weeks ago I planted up a load of Giant Yellow sunflower seeds and numbered the pots.


With the weather forecast, finally, promising warm weather we decided to have a BBQ at the plot and so it seemed like the right time to draw lots and allocate seedlings. image

So so after working hard on the plot and finally managing to persuade the charcoal to light ( having a plumber husband that owns a blow torch is ever so handy sometimes!) we had a lucky dip. Dave got plant No. 9 and it was love at first sight!!!


We ran out of time to actually plant our seedlings this evening so that will a top priority job this week. Then the competition will really begin in earnest. Neil, never one to shy away from being competitive, has already been googling ‘how to grow the tallest sunflower’ !!!


Yum scrum!

One of the real advantages of allotmenteering (I’m pretty sure that isn’t a word but hey we’ll run with it!)  as a collective is that everyone gets to play to their strengths.

Neil would like me to list his skills as growing runner beans and making plant food aka Stinko Juice.  Dave is great at constructing things and is fast learning to tell the difference between weeds and plants we want to keep! And Manda loves to grow fruit and then turn it into something really yummy to eat!

Earlier this year she surprised me by turning up on my doorstep on a Sunday evening armed with a tin of custard and freshly made rhubarb crumble. Tonight though she brought round jam tarts that she and her daughter had made. The jam was made with raspberries and blackberries picked and foraged for from the allotment yesterday afternoon

There aren’t that many left now and yes, they were delicious!