Play Rained Off.

Our allotment adventures have really rather suffered this weekend due to the rain but there is still lots of news from the plot.

Dave was on his Easter break all last week and was a very busy man at the plot. The shed has been developing a rather alarming tilt for some time now but not anymore. Dave levelled the shed and now we can shut the doors properly and everything! We have since decided to move the shed but that will be a whole other post on another day, keep your eyes peeled. He also mended tools and cut grass and generally worked really hard. So, the plan was for us all to meet at the allotment on Friday afternoon and enjoy a bottle of wine, eat olives and spend some time appreciating all our recent hard work. The weather however had very different ideas and the rain set in hard during the afternoon. So that plan had to shelved for another day. Boo.

Sunday is allotment day and upon arrival we thought we had the weather with us for the day as the plot was bathed in warm sunshine. And so we all cracked on, I am still weeding, Manda was tidying beds and planting mint and lemon balm plants ( in pots!!) and Dave planted a honeysuckle to grow along the new fence that the council has recently put up ( nobody is sure if it meant to be stopping the badgers or intruders…). We also had a visit from Dave’s sister and his four nieces and nephews so the plot was positively humming along. And then…and then the clouds rolled in and the heavens opened. Boo.

When the rain started Manda was halfway through getting our baby leeks planted and she is not the type to be put off by a downpour so she soldiered on regardless while the rest of us huddled in the shed ( cowards that we are!):

It was shortly after this that we all decided that discretion is the better part of valour and we retreated to the warmth of our kitchens. Here’s hoping for some dry and warm weekends, it can rain all it likes during the week when we are at work!